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Brilliant Bacon – My Sunday Sarnie.

Made this sandwich on Sunday. Wanted to share it with the world and see what people think I should have to soak up the Saturday evening expressiveness next week. Let me know.

It begins with soya bread (it’s all we had left), brown sauce (currently Branston’s squeezy, although normally it would be none other than Daddies) and lots of juicy, yet slightly crispy back bacon.

Bacon.... mmmmm

The begining. For some reason Soya Bread... with 3 rashes per sarnie of beautiful back bacon.

Then some fried mushrooms (this time friend in the bacon fat and olive oil rather than tasy butter).

With mushrooms.

The mushrooms gave a tangy flavour and an extra texture.

Then I added a fried egg to each (one broke… shame, the other broke as I pushed the sandwich down (double shame).


Looks like hell, tastes like heaven.

Added salt and pepper and closed up and messily devoured with a can of Coke. Delicious and messy. Even a sandwich should have a reason. This one filled a hole. Operation complete.

Finished sarnie

The Finished Article.