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Avatar Augmented Ad For LG.

Considering the technology involved in the making of Avatar (a revolutionary film by James Cameron using the latest in Mo-Cap technology) it is not surprising that someone like LG has jumped on two band wagons to advertise their latest Chocolate widescreen phone.

Evident in the January 2010 issue (number 162) of Total Film (the Avatar Special) on just the inside cover is the adoption of both the technology of Augmented Reality and the association with Avatar, a film that has already received critical acclaim way before it’s release.

The advert for the Chocolate encourages the reader to log on to http://www.lge.co.uk/avatar/exclusive and show the above image to your webcam to access exclusive Avatar content displayed on a rendering of a ‘Chocolate’ phone. I had a go and it did work. It could have been better due to the receptiveness of the shape recognition being quite slow and I don’t know if I like the idea of being able to access the content without a webcam if necessary (this seems to negate the point of the whole process for me as it shows there is no need for augmented reality).

The AR element in this ad is interesting and apt in terms of fitting with the CGI technology in the film Avatar. Interacting with a product and film and merging boundaries is a great thing, but as I feel about everything there has to be a concept and reason behind doing something in this way. In this example this reason seems to have floated out to space. Somewhere where I hope the phone and definitely the film don’t end up.

Altogether it seems like another pointless use of AR, but it does have the entertainment factor which is perfect for promoting both Avatar and Chocolate LG. Its only problem here is that the AR here was more interesting for me than watching through a phone I’m not interested in or the exclusive content for Avatar that I don’t want to watch too much of to save ruining the film for myself.

Apologies for the rant and looking moody in the pictures. Check it out and let me know what you think. I think one of the images will be recognised by the camera if printed if you don’t have the latest Total Film to hand.