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Taken By Trees.

Watching the latest John Lewis advert on 4. Nice ad, nice idea, beautiful photography, but most of all perfect music. Searched for who sings the beautiful rendition of “Sweet Child of Mine” and found it to be a girl/band called Taken by Trees. My lack of music knowledge has meant they haven’t blipped on my radar yet but after looking at their attractive (ignoring the bad spelling) website, seeing they seem to be skint and in need of donations, I see they are playing at The Garage in London on the 14th of December. Maybe I will take the trip to go see them. I’m sure it won’t be long before they cost £40 not £11 to see them play.

Taken By Trees

On of TBT's press photos.

Good luck to them, with that kind of sound they deserve success, especially in an industry that allows positions to ‘talent’ like Jedward or the Cheeky Girls.